Analog to digital x-ray transformation: The first green revolution cloud based cost & time saving teleradiology project in Malaysia

With a vision for a healthy environment, speedy diagnosis and efficient reporting workflow, Unitab Medic decided to “GO DIGITAL” in early 2012 by transmitting X-Rays of foreign workers over the internet to a Centralized Salinee Server. Towards this end, Unitab Medic evaluated several software solutions from different parts of the globe that could securely and efficiently digitize and transmit the X-rays from the 700 (now 800) clinics spread over Malaysia to their server in Kuala Lumpur. The objective was to assess if there is any loss of diagnostic information when digital images are transferred from its source to a cloud server and then to the workstation for reporting by radiologists at a remote location.

In accordance to this plan, salinee healthcare conducted the first pilot and proof of study in Malaysia for FOMEMA and MOH in May 2012 connecting 4 clinics in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Selangor using Salinee PACS. in order to create a total vendor neutral solution, all the CR and DR devices like carestream, agfa, drgem and fujifilm were used. All these CR/DR equipment were connected to the toshiba x-ray machines for the pilot run to test compatibility. Diagnosis and reporting were done using broadband data card from remote locations within Malaysia and also tested from overseas.

In teleradiology there is no loss of time, it incurs less expenditure and consumes less manpower. It also facilitates quick medical imaging results and quick turn around time. The system also provides better access in remote areas with immediate diagnosis and treatment, using a mobile device thus availing increased competitiveness for hospitals. In addition, teleradiology is also environmentally friendly, no hazardous chemicals used, no recycling process and provides many other benefits to its users.

Based on this study using the above parameters, there is no loss of diagnostic information when images are transferred from its source to a cloud server and then to the work station located at some distance from the source for reporting by radiologist.

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