SALINEE HEALTHCARE SDN. BHD. (SHC) are one of the most advanced system manufactured that provides medical imaging business solutions and services. SHC also one of the leading company in current market which providing integrated RIS-PACS software solutions for tele-radiology groups, medical imaging centers, and hospitals of all sizes in Malaysia and Asean countries. SHC currently executing projects with FOMEMA (West Malaysia), GROWARISAN (East Malaysia), INDONESIA, SRI LANKA.

Our unique capabilities are the broadest in the industry which bringing you solutions for reporting, workflow orchestration, communication, quality programs, and also analytics. Our radiology network in enabling access to images, providing opportunities to drive added revenue and delivering the necessary infrastructure to support the development, validation and adoption of AI.

The Board of Directors of the company include clinical specialists, technocrats and advisors who has decades of experience in Information Technology and healthcare fields with exposure to global markets. The key management team also comprising qualified professionals with vast experience in the core technology and management functions.

Why SALINEE Healthcare?

Salinee Healthcare is backed up directly by Carestream to provide extensive support, servicing and also includes a comprehensive warranty of 1 year for all spares covering both manufacturing defects and user faults.

Salinee Healthcare is the manufacturer of SALINEE SOFTWARE for transmitting digital X-Rays to FOMEMA. Salinee Healthcare also markets Carestream CR as a SINGLE STOP SOLUTION to the X-Ray Facilities.

Salinee Healthcare is BY THE DOCTORS and FOR THE DOCTORS and it is a group comprising of well-versed healthcare technocrats with immense expertise in both hardware and software solutions.

Round the clock well qualified and friendly Service Engineers who are always happy to help.

Salinee Healthcare offers a FULL PACKAGE with no additional charges for Salinee PACS installations and also does not require additional purchasing of hardware for Salinee PACS transmission.

Salinee Healthcare provides INSTANT SUPPORT Services by remotely logging into your system for troubleshooting.

Salinee Healthcare has more than 160 CR installations and over 800 SALINEE PACS installations through out Malaysia in a span of 5 Years (Data as of April 2019).

Salinee Healthcare has the best competitive price model in the CR & DR market. If you feel you found a better price on the offerings same as us, let us know and we will sure match the price!

Salinee Healthcare has an exclusive partnership with ORIX to provide attracting and flexible financing options to the X-Ray facilities.

Project with FOMEMA

FOMEMA has been serving the country's need in monitoring the medical conditions of foreign workers to promote a healthy Malaysia with best- in-class practices and expertise.

FOMEMA provides world-class health and medical screening compulsory to incoming foreign workers. As the country continues to cope with labour shortage, it is our task to guard the gateway to health for all.

Salinee Healthcare provides Salinee PACS to FOMEMA. It Helps to transmit and audit the digital X-Rays with minimal turn around time

Salinee Healthcare develops and delivers best in class solutions for the healthcare industry that suit our customer’s unique business requirement and strategies.

We are committed to building effective, timely systems and delivering solutions that create clear and unparalleled business value for our clients.

Salinee Healthcare Sdn Bhd

Services we offer

Salinee PACS has a set of new benchmark for workflow efficiency in smaller facilities. This robust software features an easy-to-use, touch-friendly interface, an enhanced set of tools, streamlined workflow and improved image quality.

A Project to Digitize and transmit X-Rays of Foreign Workers to FOMEMA in Peninsular Malaysia and Growarisan in East Malaysia

Laboratories need to be more flexible than ever and need LIS to support that ability. Salinee LIS are configured, customized to meet the needs of your laboratory.

Built in data integrity and security features, you can easily manage your lab data, resources and workflows and drive automation by connecting your instrumentation and systems through open standards.

Salinee Hospital Management Software, is a comprehensive Hospital Information & Management System, which can integrate all the HIS systems, processes and machines to an intelligent information system to derive operational efficiency and assist hospitals in making the right decisions quickly through MIS and Analytics.

Our Skills

Primary Health Centres: 800 Centers
Download Speed Less than 5 Seconds
Support 100%
Responsive 100%
Reliability 100%

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ISO 13485:2016

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